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16 Aug

Dearest Creep,

I know you’ve been reading this blog.  And I know it was an accident.  Still doesn’t excuse the fact that you sit in the dark and type weird phrases like “torch my cock”,  “women nudi fukin sackin men”, “my tits through my eyes”  and “is there and island full of midgets?” into search engines.  Do you have a clingwrap fetish? Do you rub yourself with talcum powder to feel closer to God?  Do you “heart” Twilight and get a boner over  goblins? Yes, I’m talking to you.  I know who you are.  You have searched high and low and on Google for your sick pornography:

“my tits grew” / “midget spinning sex” / “vaginas that can suck in” / “big dicked grandad” / “fuck my face” / “lycra robin” / “steroid frau penis” / “vice grip vagina” / “semen on my clogs”

Hope you feel better…now that you’ve creamed into your brother’s ski mask and wept like a bitch. 

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